July 11, 2018

a run to maag

it has been on my list, well not really, because my father in law did all the special recycling of our house. so far i have been managing the street pick up and when my father in law stops by while on his way to "maag". finally there was my neighbor asking me, if i have some stuff to bring to the second hand shop as well. and yes of course i had a few crates of material ready and while in the car, we also took all the recyclings along, things like 3 old not anymore working scooters, an old sun chair, different plastic and glas items and a few bundles of paper (that, we usually put on the curb side every other week).

it is kind of fun, loading a "shopping"-cart up with all the stuff and throw it into the respective bins. it is easy and the people are super friendly, helping with carrying and sorting and handing me a big knife to take the fabric of the metal frame, as i can recycle the metal for free and that way i just have to pay for the fabric... well such a pleasant experience. recycling is fun!

and even some bits of creativity above the bins, telling the recycler where the stuff has to go...

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