July 23, 2018

single girl week ll

those lovely flowers have been on our kitchen table all week long and they so much go together now with the summer quilt i'm working on. that single girl quilt is making good progress. and i'm glad as for the next three weeks we are out of town, taking a kind of longish vacation out of country.

all the small pieces are put together now and the inner quarter circles are cut and some of them attached to the circles. i like them and look forward to some more sewing when back from london and scottland.
but for now, this is it. i walk away with a good feeling and with a bit of hesitation, as it is a lot of fun piecing together those little slivers of colorful fabric. some of the older fabrics i love for the things they remind me of. then there are some fabrics i collected from friends and others are pretty much new, fat quarters i just happen like and order at one or the other opportunity.

and then there is that trip to london, just about when thinking of it, i picture myself wandering the isles of a fabric store...
we will see what i bring home, maybe some liberty of london fabrics? that sounds kind of cool to me.

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