July 16, 2018

grain harvest

on our bike ride to visit family yesterday afternoon, we came across this spectacle. the grain was harvested and we stopped. we watched and enjoyed to see the big harvester at work. and for all who live in the us or canada or any other big flat crop country, you might just smile at our swiss grain harvest. that's how we do it here, the grain farming is done in small batches i guess even tiny, in this case. but the farmer bringing this crop in is happily feeding his animals with his own grain. i like the small scale farming and how the cycles are kept small and in place. the little system still seems some what in place. it's an organic farm also keeping the pics on the field, having a herd of scheep (though now, they are up in the mountains, being herded by dogs).

a little bit of calm and seemingly the order of the world being in order...

i'm well aware that the world is not all in order. not the bio diversity, not the political realm of it all, no it's all in big turmoil, but i enjoy the moment of not thinking beond what i see at the one small moment this sunday afternoon.

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