July 31, 2018

postcards from London #4

lot's of hot city time, it was for us in London. This vista is seen from the greenwich observatory. a wonderful place to go, i assume even nicer if the meadows are lush and green. bit this picture really sums it up, how pretty despite the hot weather london has been for us.

we frequently took advantage of the many free museums, like the natural history museum with all it's dinosaurs and beautiful bird exhibits. it was fun to see all the ichthyosaures and pleasures, contributed to mary anning.
we all enjoyed london a lot and staying with our friends made the last week unforgettable. thank you to all the B's, opening your house for us!

taking the train to victoria station, hopping on a coach there which brought us up north to edinburgh. that's where we were the past two days and more tomorrow...

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