August 1, 2018

postcards from scottland #1

a hike up to arthur's seat on a kind of rainy saturday, after having enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the carrubbers cafe in the old city of edinburgh. after the past days in london an overnight coach ride up north, a wonderful breakfast was just about right. i was not really planning on a hike right after an overnight bus ride and i was not thinking about my shoes, when we put all the luggage into a locker to head out for the day. well i did the hike in my flip-flaps in the drizzle and wind of the day. it worked out fine and i had no trouble, as the rock was not slippery and the paths we chose were ok. (not that i would recommend that to anyone...). the picture above is taken from the holyrood park, where we sat under the big trees and had a cup of tea out of my thermos.

the city is lovely, very exciting with all it's stairs and closes. we also took the chance and went on the HSY Britannia, a well worth spent rainy afternoon.

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