August 21, 2018

o so blue

we had a lot of green for the two weeks, we spent in schotland. so much and so wondrfully dep and lush. especially considering the dry and hot weather europe experienced starting in july and lasting until a week ago. it just rained this past friday and the fire ban is lifted again.

so there it is, all that blue, in one bucket and waiting to be used up on white fabric and garments and houshold laundry. and so we worked it.
amos got us started with the lot of blue dye, a t-shirt for himself, a t-shirt for me and one for naomi, all different techniques. some napkins, some kitchen towles (the stained once...)
and it was a fun saturday project. the last day of summer brake, the moment to get ready and excited about letting all that leisure time slip away. we decided to take a bit of it along into this new school year. a reminder of how wonderful summers and the "do what you want" moments have been this season.

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