August 29, 2018

the puddle duck

this was my vacation knitting...

i know it's not a lot and it looks like a rather warm wool project in the heat of summer. BUT yes i can say that, there are reasons for that. first of all i had two weeks of RV vacation allotted to this cardigan and it was even a few days less. but ended up to be just the right timing anyway.
second i remembered, before we left the house, that we will vacation in scotland. and even though it is in europe and europe had a super hot summer, scotland was, for me at least, rather cold. the first two weeks of august were mostly in the sixties and low seventies... so the super soft merino wool was perfect. i loved to have the knitting on my knees, while sitting at the shore and feel the breeze. i'm not a big fan of swimming, and i was not tempted this summer, not at all as the water was soooo cold off the coast of eastern scotland as well as in the west, just south of st. andrews.

i love the puddle duck pattern and it will make a nice autumn present to my little neighbor, a girl which turned one a week ago and will be stomping in puddles by october, i'm sure.

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