August 22, 2018

bees wax wrap

i have been using bees wax wraps for more then a year and i love them. by now i find it in different stores and also different brands, which is fun and a sign, that it works. it's not just for me it really should be in every house hold, replacing the celophane wrap.
at more than one time, i have been contemplating about making those wraps myself...

yesterday it happened, i had time in the afternoon and some leftover beeswax from the past year of collecting candle stumps. i also had a book at hand about how to do all kinds of houshold and hygene thing without plastic.
for a few pieces of cotton i didn't have to digg long and the wax was chopped quickly. a brush was at hand (and is now dedicated for bees wrap making). a sheet of baking paper to protect the cookie sheet and preheating the oven to 80C. it really is enough as the wax should not be burnt. the piece of fabric is layed flat on the cookie sheet (on top of the baking paper) and sprinkled with the wax. just take the amount you think is needed (if it's to much, use it for the next fabric to soak it. if it is too little, add some more). as soon as the wax is melted use the brush to even it out.
and done!

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