August 30, 2018

the joys of today

very pretty nasturtiums, and having them on my kitchen table starts my day with the "sunny side up"!

some days are full of planned activities and appointments, cooking and to do's. not this day. today was a wide open gap in the calendar, 5 items on my to do list, which didn't seem unmanagable, but rather simple to get done.
starting out with breakfast and sending everyone off, except joel decided to work from home. the first very pleasant change of plans. not that this really changes my to do list or appointment/meetings (which i had non today), but rather it is a pleasure to have him around for coffee brake or a quick chat about the news of the hour, or just to have him around. i love it.
an unplanned phone call, which ended up to take a whole hour. i love catching up with a friend and hear about her family, as well as sharing some of my joys and struggles. a late morning run, still in pleasant temperaturs, as the thermometor is not anymore climbing that high, since summer has ended yesterday (with a high in the 80is).
some unplanned tasks could quickly be checked off, like a new pillow case for amos, a bread bag for picking up bread at the "Äss Bar" (bread from yesterday for a fraction of it's prize), in order not having to use a new bag or wrapping paper, every time...
and o goodness, i absolutely forgot, that i ordered vegetable spring rolls for dinner... what a pleasant surprise, when my neighbor showed up with a big load of her home made spring rolls. yummy! and that's how i end an early evening, with jumping high for joy.

not to mention, that i finished up the back panel for the single girl quilt!

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