August 28, 2018

storing the bounty

i got lot's of mangold this past week, one bag from the regular veggie share, one more from the exchange basket and then, today i discovered, that one basket wasn't picked up. yup i had three big bags of mangold to take care of.
it looks like so much and it really felt like it was a big heap, still big after i sorted it (the bad leafs went to the chickens...).
the water was boiling quickly, a bit of salt and then i just got the big load done with a quick rolling boil. at the end, just a few minutes later, i had three bags ready for the freezer. o the green bounty will be handy when it's not green anymore out of doors.

we like peppers, especially the "in the soil" grown ones. and all those peppers, be it bell peppers or or hot once, even the pepperoncini, from our veggie share, they are all grown in a tunnel in real soil. no pesticides or fungizides, but pest control is done by other little bugs...
the harvest looks great and i loved to quickly put them in the hot oven, peal and store them in a sealed jar. it will not tacke long, until the two jars will be empty again.
the skins are now devoured by my back yard chickens...

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