August 20, 2018

single girl week III

i have been sewing a bit last week, mostly really on friday and saturday...
sunday night was the time to iron. so much fun and i love sit down now to piece the rings together. i'm pleased with the colors and am really looking forward to have the 16 rings put together to join them to one piece. as i have been gone from home for 3 weeks, there was a bit of a gap and i had a moment to slip back into this quilt top. but i emprace it and still love the work a lot. by the end of this week it should be pieced together and sandwiched and ready to quilt.

there was some more making going on on saturday, the teenagers all of a sudden came up with ideas of doing their own things. naomi went to the thrift store and got herself a dozen or so picture frames. then she sanded and spray painted the frames and was happy with the result. this lead to some more sanding, now it was the night stand and more spraying... i love when she gets enthusiastic and busy with work. it is wonderful to see the girl immersed in her own ideas. 

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