July 10, 2018

summer :: in full swing

it is so much summer now, the last few days in school for the kids. for me it's the running in the morning. i collect a few stems from the grainfield, some lovely wild flowers and my day is on, to a wonderful start. yesterday thea and i spent a moment in the city and decided, that we needed to have an ice creme. it was very hot, sunny and just the right moment to be cooling down with an ice creme from the little booth at steinberggasse.
the fun thing with that ice creme booth, we had to roll the die, both of us ones and the dots we rolled were the price we had to pay for our ice creme in the cone, as that was, what we wanted. thea had vanilla and for me was the dolce di leche sounding deliciouse.

summer vacation are booked and the rv is waiting for us. yes london we come and soon there after we take the night bus to edinburgh. with a wonderful 2 weeks rv-ing around schottland.
all six of us for some days and then it dwindles down to just the girls with joel and me. but that is fine too. i'm very much looking forward to spend time with just my little family.

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