July 3, 2018

desserts all over

we celebrated the birthdays of my brother and his wife. a whole day on the farm, in the old cow barn, which is all cleaned up and ready for the guests. it was very touching, to start the celebration with a worship service, with a heart full of praise and thankfulness. and it was very emotional to be "at home", the place i grew up and had my roots planted.
now it's my brothers house and his family's home. the cows are in a new stable and the apple orchards are no more. other focus points have grown and changed the place. which is absolutely all right, as the family of my brother has to find a way to survive and keep the farm running. thank you d & j for caring so much for this place and letting us enjoy a little taste of the blessings you count.

 the high light was the great dessert buffet, which my sister in law put together!
wow, wow, wow, breath taking with it's colour, and mouthwatering, just looking across the long table. everyone was delighted and there was just something for every taste. chocolat, double chocolat, cherry, joughurt with berries, half frozen, fresh fruit and for the little guys some fun gummy sweets!

 a corner with presents, even this is wonderfully arranged and put together...

and then there was that slip&slide, our youngest girl loved it and enjoyed it all afternoon, even forgetting the dessert buffet...
wow, celebrating and enjoying is a gift.

and here the link to my sister in law's blog with all her sweetness...

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