April 24, 2008


chocolate-orange-espresso thins, they were good, would have been better if i had used the right cocoa. i just didn't have the dutch cocoa in the house. next time we will do it the right way.

banana-walnut-chocolate-chip cookies, turned out great. i had to use up really super ripe bananas and they did it. the taste was just so yummy. i was surprised how quick we whipped those up.
a few days later the kids really wanted to help with some more cookie baking. so we made the magic blondies, and the peanut butter and jelly bars. both turned out great the photos got lost somewhere... sorry.
i also tried a very delicate kind, the striped ice box cookies. these were lots of work but just beautiful to look at and tasted great. all these recipes i found in "martha stewart's cookies" a book i couldn't resist taking home from the library after seeing it on display. worth taking a look at it. i will get a copy of this book and bring it to a friend back in switzerland, she loves trying out new recipes and is not to stop in creating new variations.

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