April 10, 2008

a wonderful day

yes it was a wonderful day, we went outdoors without jackets! even enjoyed some moments running around bare feet! we had lunch behind the house, in the sun, with our sunglasses on our noses! this is so nice so encouraging to me. we had temperatures in close to 20C. i wanted to post a few photos of our lunch..... (they will come, no doubt. i'm struggling with some downloading issues).
i'm also very excited for the weekend. i will spend it in NY! the first time in my life i will travel on a bus in the US and it is one of those ominous lucky star buses (from china town to china town). i'm so lucky that my friend is taking me along for these trip, we will meet a friend of hers and i'm so much looking forward what this city is going to impress me with. i will tell you beginning of next week. meanwhile joel will enjoy a long weekend with the kids, they are all looking forward to spend time together without me. (understandable, this is so rarely happening, and because of that very special and exciting).

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jmbmommy said...

your trip sounds exciting, I can't wait to get the return report!