April 23, 2008


it's late once more, i should be sleeping....
we did have a wonderful, exceptionally warm day. i guess we could say hot, it was in the 80is! yes mid april and it's hot.
amos went to his friend and he loves it, it's really good for him to have this special times, away from us.
elias, naomi and i went to our garden plot. elias spotted the compost soil heap at the entrance and without a word, he went to work. he wheeled 4 barrows over to our plot. i worked it in and then we started planting. we put salad and arugula seedlings in, as well as lots of seeds.
once more i was surprised how much fit into that little plot.
green beans, beets, chard, some heirloom tomatoes (which is a trial, i never put tomato seeds directly into the soil before, i had them indoors.... we will see), the onions were already sticking their tiny green tips out. this was exciting. the garlic looks great, we put that one in 3 years ago and since then never pulled everything out. i like to do it the lazy way with garlic. in a few weeks we will be harvesting the tips of these plants. great for salads.

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