April 18, 2008


finally i'm getting there and post a few impressions of my ny city trip. just a few, and they are not at all able to really reflect my trip. it was a lot of fun thank you so very much C and J, you really made it happen for me. for some ode reason i live in boston for the 11th year and have not made it to ny city until last friday! although it seems like i did not miss any major thing until i did visit the big apple. but it really happened because of my friend taking me along. i didn't have to organize one moment of this trip, just go and enjoy what ever was presented to me. it was exciting to arrive in china town with the super fast "lucky star" bus, stroll through china town and enjoy the real italian stores, wow! was the only thing i was left to say, with my mouth open. undertaking the 2mile stretch to our little apt, more like a closet rather than an apartment. it was brightly colored and a good place to stay for a couple days.

the blooming trees were just gorgeous and for me the best thing what is happening in a big city.

one of the first impressions, how can you live in such an apartment and not go crazy without a bit of green space or view of green space?

carnegie hall, an impressive building and i especially liked the spikes at the top floor, all around.

yes it's me waiting for the train to arrive...

my first sight of central park. i liked it right away and it turned into the highlight of the trip! yes we had picnic on sunday afternoon in central park. a friend of J's was making homemade sandwiches, pesto and even a blueberry pie was served, with a cup of tea. it was wonderful and the best thing happening to me in this city.

yes taking a ride on the carousel was in the bag too.

this skyline did it to me and what you don't see in this photo....
yes the blooming cherry treas! a lot of them were right in front of me as i took it, i wanted to keep the blooms in my memory and not catch them in a "box".

i arrived at home late sunday evening, very happy. and even more happy on monday morning as i presented the little gifts to my gang! and they were happy too, to see me and of course the drummer t-shirt, the bug necklace as well as the little flower ring made my kids feel special, and that they really are.

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