April 21, 2008

marathon monday

a great day for marathon watching!
yes it was a bit too sunny and warm for the runners, but for us it was just great!
we started out right after breakfast, bus and walking over to beacon street in brookline, our traditional watching spots. in our back packs quesadilas and lots of water, and some oranges. we were all so excited to see the wheelchairs rushing by, it's just an amazing feel of aw for these athletes.of course the kids were clapping the hardest....

i personally love the womens elite the best. they are running so light and seemingly effortless, but of course there is an uncountable number of hours of training in them. the womens race was extremely exiting until the finish, 2 seconds between dire tune and alevtina biktimirova.
and of course a kenyan was winning the mans race....

some other fantastic sights are the water cups, all ready to deliver to the runners. i totally forgot to take a photo of the "after consumption" scene.
it was so much fun meeting some other friends on the side line, they just started to hand out water to the runners, our kids joined them and that was the high of the day! thank you anna for thinking of this activity.
we could not go home without having stopped for gelato, and there is this amazing place called athan's, yes we all got a small cup of exquisite gelato! naomi picked creme brulee, amos lemon sorbet, elias blackcurrant and i got a small cup of fig gelato, this was my highlight!

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