February 2, 2011

the goats and sebastian

we have a friend, she lives in town, just a few steps down the road. her animals are our friends too, and three days ago a new kit entered this world. we visited today...

the 160lbs ram (the daddy of the kit). he loves to budge with everyone, so we keep our distance

and here we are, in the stable, naomi holding the kit, he doesn't have a name yet and still likes to be cuddled.

there in the back corner, two 3 week old kits, they don't like cuddling any longer, but lots of playing must be done

and here is sebastian, he visited us with st. niklaus, he loves to carry children on his back. there is one thing which makes him jump and run, when he sees or hears horses. then he wants to go with them, so we have to be careful when and where we go with him.

o and i didn't mention the sheep in the heather, there are 5 of them and we all got to collect some lovely wool to take home today. of course elias want's a sheep and a goat and milk them and sheer them and feed them... naomi's comment upon arrival at home: "mama i would like to feel wool from the sheep every day" o well we can some how make that happen... - more knitting shall be done for the girl

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