February 14, 2011


a good week in the sun at my parents house...
we enjoyed a quiet family week. elias got to milk the sheep of a neighbor (a herd of them, ~58) on two evenings, one more at my brothers farm. naomi got to help feed the pigs at my brothers too. she was coming home all excited and knowing so much now, about the mama pigs with their young ones.
even though joel worked from home, we got to spend a lot of time playing games and enjoying nature

naomi was crocheting, and making a pompom. dressing it into a nice round was soo much fun. it was also a lot of work to wind all the yarn so tightly around those cardboard rings.

there was lots of reading and relaxing being done by all of us.

by joel
wonderful sun sets, with a beautiful landscape the sun is setting spectacular on most days!

by joel
and of course moon viewing...
do you guys see the halo, this was just so spectacular to see, very interesting.

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