February 16, 2011

home made noodles

we are on winter brake and use the time baking and cooking...
in the mornings are swim lessons for the big kids and the afternoons are wide open, no plan no nothing on my end. so the kids decide what we do. elias was reading for 3h! wow no lunch just a glass of water on hand... that's very rare and it made me very happy.
naomi called three friends, finally one was home and she hopped over to play all afternoon. amos wanted to bake or cook, like all last week (linzer tart, hummel schnitten, zopf, key lime pie) so on we go. i suggested we try to get some use of our new pasta maker! quickly we gathered the fresh eggs, flour and warm water he did the handling of the kitchen aid and added all the ingredients. dough turned out a bit moist but workable.

of course thea had to make sure the dough got it's rest under the warm bowl.

all ready with lots of flour on hand

and then elias could not read anymore, he was all itchy to get the noodles turned out. of course he is the experienced one of us. he has made noodles already a few times with our friend c. thank you for the good teaching!

lots of runs through the machine, lots of flour

and one last run through with the cutter, yeah!

when the dough was resting i quickly stepped into the workshop, drilled a few holes into a 2x2 and put it up on our fire place mantle...
as elias learned to hang the noodles on chop sticks, so we definitely had to do the same...

and dinner was served a couple hours later.
we will definitely do it again. amos was sauteing bacon, boiling broccoli and added some herbs, so yummy.

photos by amos

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amanda {the habit of being} said...

what a fun thing to do! and the dinner looks and sounds delish!