February 24, 2011

the wooden beads

thea got those beads for christmas and she loves them. it is great to watch her sort and line them up in single file.
she also started to string them up on a piece of yarn. anyway i just felt like i wanted to share these few photos with you.


BecomingClaudine said...

Those beads are so lovely! I have always been fascinated by and love to photograph children with their toys! Especially ones that are beautifully made and are so versatile in playing!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that she got them so perfectly color-coordinated, except for the two blue ones in with the reds. Do you think she did that on purpose, or did she just not notice?

I took Zinedin and Niaz to the Green Street playground today, to play in the snow. The last time I did that was with E, A, and N, two winters ago!