February 22, 2011


it has gotten cold and snowy again outside. of course we still go for short walks, and visits to the chickens... but this week is also a busy one, the kids are back in school and we have to get to know our new violin teacher. after just one year the person we got used to and adjusted to her stops teaching. o well after yesterday's lesson with elias, i have a really good feel about the new person. loving, nurturing, listening and emphasizing the good in the child. i'm looking forward to naomi's lesson on friday.

but of course there is lots going on in the house...

bread baking

and the forsythia, which we cut last saturday is soon going to be in bloom in our living room.
i'm so much looking forward to this early spring bloom. i know it's still in the middle of winter and that's fine, i would love some more snow on the ground and i don't mind the cold. though there is something about colour in the house, nature awakening outdoors, which get's me energized.

o yes and we have the first snow drops under the trees and shrubs around the house.

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Anonymous said...

What lovely bread - what kind is it? Can you share the recipe or tell where to find it? Thanks for visiting!