February 3, 2011

the new tiered skirt is dancing

i'm very happy with the new skirt, and she loves it! there is nothing to add, everyone must be dancing, but just naomi with a super nice twirling new skirt!
of course now she is parading it around the house and the oh and ah by everyone is being sucked in and enjoyed. i'm glad she loves hand made cloths!

i was at the yarn shop in town, the lady is not particularly nice to me, but who would, as i'm arriving at her tiny store with three giggly and jumpy kids in tow...
i was going to buy yarn to knit naomi a hip in hemp skirt, she has put it on the list a long while ago. too long, but then the lady was just starting to get all the new yarn up on the shelves and felt overwhelmed with me wanting something so specific. though i feel a hemp-cotton blend should be within limits. she asked me to come back next week, when she will have everything sorted out. i was not that happy and wished i was back in JP..., but turned over to see a big bin full of 5 frank skeins... o there was a treasure to be found! i grabbed a few skeins to get an other winter knitting started, more an other day.


Anonymous said...


There is a new yarn store soon to be opening in JP.

BecomingClaudine said...

Lovely lovely lovely!! Perfect for dancing!

Emerald Hills said...

very pretty! she looks so happy swirl around in it too. score!