February 17, 2011

todays thinking and doing

:: loving the kids winter brake, not much structure, lots to do and make
:: knitting wrist warmers and
:: embracing the ordered from portugal
:: smiling as i watch thea calling grandma
:: thinking of the 356 portrait project
:: enjoying the sunshine and springlike temperatures of mid winter
:: wishing for snow...
:: remembering the ski day of last week, after 11 years of not skiing, i was a day at the slops of my childhood
:: dreaming of more home made noodles, i'm sure it will happen sooner than i anticipate...
:: sipping a cup of roibos tea with some rum, o how i love it. it makes for a good nights rest
:: itching to order the soil for the garden in front of the house
:: and planning what kind of flowers and herbs to be growing there
:: wanting to plant the many bulbs i got from a friend in december, too late for autumn planting
:: listening to joel's flute playing,
:: knowing that the girls will be sleeping soon

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