February 15, 2011

the old: new chair

it has been standing around this little chair. no not anymore to be used as a chair (sorry i forgot the photo). just the wooden frame was left of it and thea dragged it all around the house, complaining to not be able to stand up, or sit down on it.
so i got thinking and remembered a friend of mine has a foot stool, wooden frame and old ties woven into it. my mom of course had a few old ties from dad put in a box in the attic and those came in just handy.
with a few little nails to fix the ends underneath and the 5 ties were woven onto the frame and used to sit on right away.
i love the result, it is practical, upcycled materials and pleasing to the eye.

it goes nicely with the little biedermeier table and chair (cherry), this old little chair of my childhood.


Emerald Hills said...

its very pretty. Nice look to it. I have a rocking chair that I finally got stained, but I need to make a seat cushion for it.

affectioknit said...

That is just AWESOME!

Rose said...

Oh I love it!!

erin said...

Love it, this turned out great!!