January 29, 2013

a study of tangerine

a quick moment of sitting in the living room in the stark beam of afternoon sunshine. a moment of resting and enjoying a juicy tangerine. naomi at the living room table doing her home work, and getting the needed help from me, a relaxed mama soaking in all the sun she can in this mid of winter day. and so the moment went into a longer sitting down and examining the orange of the tangerine and it's skin. the wonderful light shining through and so on, there is so much to be seen. and most of the times i absolutely don't regard the peal or anything else at all, the fruity slices usually slip into my mouth and that's it...
some days there is that magic in a colour, in a texture or both of it. lovely and to be treasured by me, keeping it in the back of my head, and in the forefront in this season of bleakness and missing colour in most of my surrounding nature.

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Fruitful Harvest said...

I love it. so simple yet so beautiful.........most things are.

Georgiann momma of 7.