January 8, 2013

baby surprise jacket #1

this project has been on my radar for a while. i was intrigued by the easy and straight forward pattern, the idea that all is knit in one piece... it's elizabeth zimmerman's baby surprise jacket
i don't know yet for whom i'm knitting, though i'm sure there will be a new born in my circle of friends. and yes new born size it it, very cute, as i used sock yarn which is rather fine for this project. i love it though and am very happy with the turnout.
and finding those little buttons, especially the top one with the little turtle on it. it was an easy decision, a second and i knew the red ones would go back into the jar.
and now i have cast on for the bonnet, with the same yarn. it's pure excitement to knit with elizabeth zimmermans instructions.

and one more yes, i will be knitting some more of those jackets in bigger sizes, maybe i'm brave to do the math for an adult one...
we will see what the year is bringing on to my needles...

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