January 9, 2013

bloom in the mid of winter

what a nice quick afternoon walk, over to the library it's really just 5 minutes and absolutely worth going more than once a week. thea usually rides the bike as part of the street over there has almost no traffic. she has gotten good at riding.
i love the colour full buds and flowers in this lone time of winter.
we don't have any snow and it's cold, most days we just have little sunshine mid afternoon, other than that it's gray and life less around here in the lower lands of switzerland.
so i have to take every possible moment of a bright beam coming through and savor it.
on my list is noted, that i should urgently plant some bulbs, to get myself an early spring indoors... as i do suspect that winter, deep winter will be back with a load of snow and many more days to cuddle up indoors, stewing dinners and knitting woolen garments, maybe even sitting in front of our fire place. let's see what happens

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