January 3, 2013

last years list

today i was reviewing the list of things i wanted to do in 2012, i spent a moment some time in the middle of the past year, here and now today the full up date. some time next week, i will be posting the new list, it's in the works

1. see the exhibit on miro, monet, mathisse and one other special exhibit at the kunsthaus - nope didn't make it and it's over now

2. help amos how to ski and naomi how to snowboard during our february vacation - yes amos is skiing and naomi is loving her board

3. knit a cardigan for myself with the wool form portugal - yes all done and wearing it often

4. don't forget my friends birthdays and write them a birthday card - i did ok, though was a tad late for one good friend, for her an email had to do....

5. visit one of elias orchestra rehearsals until march - yes thea and i made it to an open rehearsal and it was lots of fun, we also went to the opera "das verbotene land" the three older kids participated in, on mothers day and it was just plain amazing here

6. get used to my new camera - i carry it along in my purse or coat pocket, when i'm just to tired (or embarrassed to take the rlx along...)

7. be more calm and relaxed when things not work the way i planned it - i'm getting better at it, especially with the kids, but still much room to improve

8. go through my cloth rack and just keep what i was wearing within the past year - i did this and brought one bag to the second hand fair in late march as well as one more in september

9. sew a quilt for thea with the fabric already stacked up - just finished her loulouthi and a lap quilt for my godchild, just in time for christmas

10. read 12 books, including some fiction and magazines - i read a few books, and magazines, though didn't keep an account of them...

11. finding the time and quiet to meditate on the word and pray in my daily routine - not routine yet, but i attended a 6 week class to get started in learning the spiritual exercises of ignatius of loyola as a daily time of still. it's not a routine yet and i'm sure i will practice again and learn to be still before the Lord

12. sew a dress or two for the girls - one is being worn, a skirt for n and then two matching jersey skirts for both together

13. say yes to my kids more - work in progress

14. have a more positive attitude - work in progress

15. go hiking in the summer months, at least one high mountain with the kids - we did one two day hike, just joel and me and a couple nice hikes with the boys and friends and some all of us (ups no thea didn't come along)

16. use the stew pot more for one pot meals - there was twice lamb stew in the cast iron pot

17. be able to not control everything and every moment in life and still be happy with what's going on around me - work in progress

18. participate in a crochet along - did so with the granny square project here

19. helping elias transition into a new school and intense dance training after the summer brake - elias is so very happy and has transitioned fine, he found a very good friend and loves his teachers. he has become even more passionate for dance which is wonderful as he is practicing 18 hours a week

20. go out for a nice dinner with joel - it was not dinner, though we went out for an evening at the opera on dec. 27th, yes barely made it

21. visit the paul klee center in bern - no

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