January 21, 2013

baby surprise jacket #2

this one is a bit bigger as #1 and i used a cotton-wool bland with number 4 needles. such a quick knit, knitting the bsj for the second time i wanted to do it the classic striped way, though i guess there is really not a classic or modern way, everything is just alright, i'm sure. i absolutely love the dvd to quickly look up certain steps, like dividing the button holes...
i have the wool ready for #3. but first i have to do the math as it should be quiet a few sizes bigger.
this one will be finding it's way to an other baby, still "in the oven" of a dear friend of mine. i'm so excited to give away hand made knits, especially to people i know they do absolutely adore hand made baby cloths.
this for now, we have been out there in the snow a lot as well as fighting a case of urticaria, which i'm glad we have it in check now.

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