January 7, 2013

my list for 2013

i have been loving list's and why not gather ideas for my 2013 list. it's not a "to do" list, or at any level a must do list. much more i'ts ideas and wanting's, wishes and dreams of mine. so i'm all excited of the list and i'm sure it will grow. in no way is this a set and given, much more a list in progress...

1. keep thea's joy on learning to play the violin alive and foster it (official lessons start in february)
2. sew a couple more jersey skirts and some other sewing projects or knitting i guess would count too, one project a month....
3. get a good pair of house shoes for myself (any suggestions?)
4. learn more about gregorian chanting here
5. keep regular evening prayers
6. practice to not mother our oldest son too much
7. finish the started bed quilt for my friend
8. grow a straw bale garden
9. plant more berry bushes around the house
10. finish the golden shawl
11. try out how to make a pavlova dessert
12. read through the psalter's again and again
13. work with the different lenses on my rlx
14. take some vacation time in the mountains with friends, to hike and enjoy
15. clean all the windows of the house (inside and out)
16. paint the living room and put a new floor down
17. read half a dozen books
18. do an other summer project like the granny square sampler one
19. work on some paper collages and mixed media
20. go out for a nice dinner, only with joel
21. go and see the special exhibit on giacometti at the kunsthaus zurich
22. try one dozen new dinner recipes (more with less $)
23. being intentional about "being thankful" in my day to day routine as well as the extraordinaire moments

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Natasha Burt said...

Hey Daniela - thanks for the card and lovely photo! I was wondering if you had read 'One Thousand Gifts' - it will inspire you to 'be thankful' as no.23 on your New Year's List - you can read about the author of the book (Ann Voskamp) at onethousandgifts.com - just a thought xxx