January 24, 2013

felted house shoes for guests

our guests have had to slip into really old falling apart house shoes. it has been embarrassing for a couple of years already and finally i got to knit and felt two pairs and have a third one on my needles. this is a very quick knit one pair a night...
there are some nice you tube tutorials to be found, like this one. (it's in german, though i'm sure you would finde some fun english ones too.
what you can't see, i also put little rubber dots on the bottom of the slippers, this helps greatly on smooth floors.
knitting house shoes is not the only thing going on in our house....

an other little shoe insight in our family, our teenager has been wearing out his nice shoes and we have started a discussion on how and where he should look/buy a new pair. so yesterday upon barreling into the house, he very clearly stated, that he saw those black lacoste sneakers he really liked. what!!!! i could not believe my ears, what had hit him? of course, i have to take into account, that he is now going to school in the big city of zurich, and that's definitely a place where fashion conscious folks run around. though i somehow blindly believed he would not fall prey to any of those expensive sweatshop fabricated brands...
we listened to him and yes i absolutely agree that he should have his own style and we will go out and find a pair for him, together in a shoe store or two or three... we will see

this much about the state of house shoes and shoes of our eldest.

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