January 17, 2013

some good live music

going out with joel!
i'm so looking forward to see and of course listen to cara tonight. thank you to my brother in law coming over and having fun with the kids..... the kids are all giddy to have him over for a fun evening. they definitely love uncle b! thank you for helping out.

we are not doing this often, though enjoy it the more when we do it. i'm glad for my hobby musician husband, and i so love to go out with him, especially to a concert like this. not even the blanket of snow is keeping us at home tonight. let's hear and enjoy cara tonight at kammgarn in schaffhausen.


Jessica said...

And it's on your list for 2012! A date with Joel. I hope it was super!

Jessica said...

Whoops, 2013.

nela said...

just back, and yes it was great!