January 26, 2015

doodling and boarding

we spent the weekend at my parents, just to help us a bit with the "do nothing", or "do what you want" and not all the nigg nagg around the house i or any other person of the family "has to do". and it was good for all of us. lots of talking and discussing, many laughs and some good crafting got hold of us. there was cooking and eating together, as well as some good chunks of time spent reading.
i took along the winter supercraft kit and we had fun stamping and doodling. it's not often i sit down and just doodle. and doing so with the girls was really fun.

as it was snowing a bit over night, the lift at the nollen was running on sunday afternoon. we were really hoping for this, so all were happy. the big three kids went and stayed all afternoon, even though it's a short little lift, it was perfect for the first time this season, to get acquainted with their boards and skis. thea enjoyed a bit of sledding and that was also just fine, even though she really wanted to ski too.
she had to wait, we all will be skiing in two weeks. as our one week stay is coming close, the snow is getting better and that is just what we need.

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