January 5, 2015

my list for 2015

i'm early this year, at least that's how i feel about my list for 2015.
there is so much i would want to do and enjoy, as the year has just started there are ideas which have been on my mind for decades and others have just joined the list. a good mix and nothing is really chiseled in stone, it's all fluid and i'm planning to enjoy reading through my list. of course this list helps me to spice up the every day and get energized once in a while, when i remember that there is a list. it is not something which is occupying a big space in my brain. it's there and for many days, weeks or even months i don't even spend a moment remembering it.
for fun for the love of lists, i guess, that's what it is for me, and maybe that's why i want to start the list with the "task" to sit down and be still...

1. sit down a moment a day with a cup of tea
2. learning to play the ukulele
3. quilt the long ago sandwiched granny square lap quilt
4. knit a leksak for thea and maybe one for myself...
5. finish the golden shawl (i started three years ago)
6. some more free form art stitching for little frames
7. run 25 plus kilometers a week
8. doodle and do little drawing exercises a couple times a week
9. sew a pair of pajamas for each child with brushed cotton
10. go on a two or three day hike with joel
11. do cross country skiing during winter brake
12. work through the book "sehen lernen", by cora banek and use it while taking pictures
13. read a book a month
14. try out linoleum printing
15. practice some story telling with the kids and hand puppets
16. sit in the sun for moments at a time, when ever possible
17. say more yes to the kids
18. have one on one time with each child more often (especially the older ones, when it has to be planned and it doesn't just happen)
19. go out for dinner with friends
20. support the kids in their adventures, even if i'm not seeing the reason or goal as clear as they do
21. practice the daily eucharisteo
22. going on saturday hikes with naomi regularly
23. inviting joel for a dinner out with good friends
24. work through my closet and give away what ever i have not been wearing in the past 12 months
25. think twice about shopping new clothes, even if i go to the second hand shop
26. write birthday letters the old fashioned way, by snail mail

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