January 27, 2015

in and out

it snowed a bit over night (i know not as much as in the new england area..... and i envy you guys!) well at least some snow. thea loved to go out early and leisurely wander to her kindergarten. of course it was super fun to look for all kinds of interesting foot prints as well as other prints!
everything was wonderful, even more as the sun came out. lots of different kinds of light was happening. every time i looked out the window and stepped outside it was different.

as for the indoors, i got some coffee going and read the news paper. prepped for german conversation class, as i'm leading the lesson tomorrow. it's an interesting topic "school/homework", and i'm sure we will have a good round of discussions how it works at each ones home.
coffee on the stove, cookies on hand and after visiting the library a good stack of helpful books on hand, let me get back to come up with a lesson plan. as the mind map has gone a bit out of hand...

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