January 19, 2015

in the snow :: standing steady

it snowed, and the snow even accumulated on saturday night, so we didn't know anything better to do, then to go out and totally absolutely soaked it all up. so much fun, so much excitement and being together with friends was great. we didn't have a lot of the precious white this winter, the quicker we have to run out there when the opportunity lends itself.

i'm not a big sledder, though i love to watch. stand by and just watch. be there until my feet are almost falling off. and this time, there were so many kids and adults around, that we could carry many a discussion. be it about the sledding technique or what we are having for afternoon snack. even some picture taking discussions and of course some deep and moving ones too. thank you for coming out there my friends, it served me well. after the roller coaster of last week, this really put me on steady ground again.

and this picture, i really like. so much for me!

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Christina said...

The snow really wasn't that great, it was being out together that made all the fun. So: Thank you too, dear friend(s). C