January 12, 2015

turning 11 on the 11th

yes our girl turned 11 yesterday and we had a wonderful afternoon party with lots of family and friends over. super yummy desserts, great conversations and of course a big round of tichu. naomi took well care to set the table a day ahead. making little hearts from wax (old candle stumps) and finding some wonderful ivy behind our house, it turned out as a nice center piece on the freshly ironed white table cloth (it's a white linen from my grandfathers sister, with monogram), just so perfect.
i love seeing her growing up and enjoying what she does. putting o so much attention to details. and she is a people loving person, organizing her party, making phone calls to be sure the grandparents will be attending. as well as inviting a wonderful family friend as we met her at church yesterday morning.

of course the afternoon party went on into the evening and after all the celebrating, she was so set to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies for her class to enjoy on monday morning.
it turned out to be a little trickier as both of us expected. though she was very happily coming home for lunch today and letting me know, "all the kids loved the cookies".
o yes how good for her, to be celebrated on her birthday! just digging up her 4th birthday celebration here, and it's wonderful how she is still such a happy girl.

by the way, it's a carrot cake with candied carrots, which i have tried out for the first time, and it was a success, beside the orange-fig salad and an orange tiramisu as well as grandmama bringing some puffy dough pastry! all so good, i'm so very grateful for all the people helping to make her day a happy one.

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Alicia said...

Happy birthday, dear Naomi! What a very nice party, we love seeing those faces.