January 29, 2015

tonic :: the fire water

i have been healthy so far and that is good. parts of it want make a steady running schedule responsible for it... well that might be a good part of it. going out side and push my body to work out is definitely a healthy habit. i'm up to 20-25km per week, doing two shorter runs and one longer, sometimes i'm out four times a week. though i have to say, i'm glad i went out yesterday afternoon when it was slightly sunny. absolutely much better as if i would have gone today, out to run in slushy plowed to the side snow...
but now to the other thing, i'm convinced it will help me to stay healthy. i have heard and seen and tasted this kind of "fire water" as i call the tonic, but forgotten about all of it. until a week ago i stumbled across it on a healthy living blog.
there was no holding back, i had to start a good portion of this tonic and so it is all grated and soaking in apple vinegar for the next 10 days.

the recipe calls for ginger, horseradish, garlic, onion, red hot peppers and turmeric (that the latter picture, i absolutely love the color of the turmeric!), all chopped up and put into a jar, fill it up with apple vinegar and let it steep in the fridge.

the straining and "drinking", it will be more a brave moment of taking a spoon full.... will start in a week.

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mountain girl said...

Yes, that is good stuff. My friend has been making this for years, giving us a bottle every few years (it lasts!) Very strong, but good, too! We always called it Winkey Pratney Juice...I'm sure there is a story behind the name, but I don't recall it...