January 22, 2015

geranium in the making

it's time for a new dress...
thea stated it clearly and so we are on to a little sewing adventure. the geranium pattern by "made by rae"
i know there is still naomi's dress which needs button holes and buttons, and then there was a bit of selvage sewing last week. yes lot's of little bits which want to be tidied up at some point. but starting a new dress seemed right for this thursday afternoon!

thea was quick to pick a bright fabric with bugs on it. well that's fine and i had enough yardage, so lets do it. the lining of the bodice is a very fine yellow quilting cotton, that should be perfect on the skin.
it's still winter, so i didn't mind, that she chose a heavy cotton. we will take into account for a thin long arm shirt under the dress. or maybe she prefers to wear a cardigan over... we will see.
i'm not done yet and the bodice has to be made a bit wider i realized, when she was trying it on after kindergarten.
though i liked the double needle to finish the all the skirt seams, and it's a quick strong seams. blue fabric with yellow thread, fun!

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