March 16, 2015

our sunday walk

it's not a regular thing for us to go on sunday afternoon walks. but yesterday we did, and it was very pretty. lots of memories came to the surface, as it was the same walk, which we did over 5 years ago, upon returning to switzerland.
it's the woods south of winterthur, called eschenberg-wald. the paths i usually run 4 to 4 times a week. but it's so different walking with the family. not all of us came along and elias rode his unicycle...
it's spring and there were just a few patches of snow left. i was the only one wearing thin gloves, as i'm not willing to be cold, if i can prevent it. of course we climbed the tower at the top of the hill, the view was not very far, but never the less grand, to look down onto the tree tops.

walking back we also spotted the four sequoia trees, big and tall trees as we have seen them at sequoia national park. no they are not as tall and not really as big as the once on the west coast, but never the less impressive and it's good to be reminded of the age and the way the trees grow and have been growing for so many years. and they will be growing far beyond my short life span! there is just that wonderful beauty when i'm surrounded by trees, that makes me a bit sentimental. and full of admiration, how wonderful creation is made (for me to enjoy).
all photos, by joel

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Such beautiful photos. It's nice that you're able to be outside again. We are going back and forth between cold days and hints of spring. Today it's cold and windy and I even saw some snow flurries this morning. The snow is melting a little each day so that's a positive thing. : ) Have a great day!! xo

~ Wendy