March 17, 2015

a quick lunch

well i just had to show you todays lunch. of course it was a super quick creation, a 15 minute thinking and looking into the fridge. not really well planned but panned out well.
as i was at naomi´s school from 8 to 10, followed by a orthodontist visit with naomi and a trip to the restessbar fridge. before we got home we had to quickly walk through the city, just for the fun of it. it´s not an every day event, that i´m in the city with my big girl.
so we made it home just in time to boil some water and throw in some chinese noodles. the little hen started laying again, so this is the egg from yesterday. pickled beets from last november and there was a half pized tom (cheese) waiting to be eaten, i fried it along the eggs. and added a hand full of allium ursinum, a spring green.

"pofta buna"

i even was thinking of taking a picture...

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