March 26, 2015

to be happy

it was last week, when i needed to bring catkin home from the woods. i love those bare branches with just a little silver hair showing.
on my morning run i was looking around and of course instead of seeing the catkin, i first saw all kinds of other things. and as it happens mostli litter! i ended up with a plastic bag, which i found, filled with 5 cans, 1 cd including cover, a card board box which at one time contained popsicles, two morek plastic bags and a magazine. it all was collected within 50 feet of a trash bin! well, just as i wanted to pick up two more cans (i did pick them up) i was spying a wonderful big branch laying on the ground, it was a catkin branch. this is how i was blessed with the pretty branches now standing in a vase on our kitchen table.
when such "incidents" happen, then i'm just very thankful.
and within a week now, the catkin is in full bloom! i added three dark red frinshed tulips to the bouquet, and it brings me spring joy each and every morning i come down to set the table for breakfast.

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