March 5, 2015

spring is in the air

the first snowdrops are already out and shining bright and white on our lawn behind the house. it's wonderful and i love those first signs of spring. it's all over now, the afternoons are warmer and the days are longer.
already when we get up at 6:30am it's not pitch black anymore and yes it's light outside until after 6pm. such a treat, after a long dark winter. of course i'm thinking of all my friends in the new england area, they are still deep deep under the snow. and i have to say as much as i understand there complaining and telling how they are tired by all the snow for the past 6 weeks. i'm jealous, yes i am. i absolutely would love such big masses of snow, and you know how much more the kids would love it!
i know it's not just the snow they got tired of, it's also the bitter cold, and that one, just keep it over there!

i love the seasons and those snowdrops let my heart spring for spring!

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