March 23, 2015

taking photos

by joel

now and than joel is taking the camera into his hands. well what can i say, he is very good at taking pictures, very thoughfull and precise. there is lots of adjustments and clicking going on. all super patient and focused.
it is fun to watch him and sometimes i'm just not patient enough to keep watching and waiting until all his settings are the way he want's it. but once in a while i'm even bracing myself to ask him a few questions in the hopes i can learn from him and improve my photography skills.
i got a photography book for christmas. now and then i'm looking at it and even read how the photos have been taken. it's a nice book and easy to put into practice waht's beeing discussed for each picture. "sehen lernen" by banek & banek

and this one, i think turned out just very nice, our cat, maunz looking out the window. there were a few more, some of them one could see the whiskers, well i chose this one. the shiloutte was what i liked best.

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