March 18, 2015

today is yellow

just for the yellow springflowers which pop up all over, i wanted to have a yellow day as it`s spring and i love yellow. the crocus are out for a while and every day more easter bells are peaking out at me. it´s reallz lovely and the passers by enjoy them too. a free wednesday afternoon, free to sit in the sun and be still. go for a walk and breath the wonderful spring sent, though we have had it very dry so far, and i´m looking forward to rain, a good spring rain will produce some mud which is one more fun moment to get dirty in the garden.
on my front stairs are a few pots filled with soil from last year. i just stuck a few sweet peas into the soil and now there needs to be regular watering. the hope is high, to be harvesting sweet peas this summer right there and then, while chatting with my neighbors...
o spring, we love you and it will just get better from here on!

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