March 2, 2015

paper pompon

a sheet of pink japan paper was sitting on my desk for a while, with the crafty idea of "how to make a paper pompon". i just couldn't get that pretty pink paper out of the way, through the winter months there is just not enough color around. so the pink was the perfect contrast colorful spot on my desk.
the one part which was exposed to the sun, was already fading, though to make a pompon, that really doesn't matter.
what better to do with a moment and that paper on hand. yes i quickly grabbed it, layered it nicely and cut big circles out of it. stitching them together smack dab in the middle, no i didn't measure and that's fine.
third step: do those cut's, just about 10 times or so toward the middle. then ruffle them.
and done is my pink pompon.
now, it's sitting on my desk, ready for the next birthday present to be wrapped and decorated. it's all the times good to have a little stash of decorations...

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