March 9, 2015


it was an absolute leisure weekend, spring was all around us, the temperatures climbed almost into the 50is and the sun was strong. so much warmth and brightness it was perfect to recharge and i enjoyed every moment of it. at the local florist, i could buy a bunch of "home grown" tulips, grown in hoop houses. thea picked those frilly ones for grandma. i liked them too, and they certainly are enjoyable and long lasting if treated with care.
lots of little walks as thea was requesting me to come along and she really is a good walker as well as riding her vehicle. there was a breath taking view toward the mountains all day long, they are still snow covered and reflected the sun which was so special in the evenings. yes taking all that in and keeping it for this coming days, where i have a lot on my plate. though never the less, spring keeps on pressing, soon the first spring flowers will be out , the green sprigs are peaking!

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susan said...

Lovely photos - the one on top is truly a breathtaking view. I love the tulips - definitely a harbinger of spring. I don't think I've ever seen that variety. They're lovely.