March 25, 2015

the mini grill

there were a few hours on hand where amos and his kollegue didn't know what to do. looking through make magazine is allways a very inspirational thing, so, that's what we sent them to do. come up with a project you want to make. with the emphazise on make and wanting to be crafty.
quickly they found this fun yakitori grill, joel encouraged them to take the challenge and got the boys going with  a material list as well as figureing out what kind of tools were needed as well.
big tin cans were found in our garage. so it turned into an upcicling project, which made me smile...
the onlz new think we had to buy, was a pair of rivet pliers, at the local hardware store and some new metall sawing blades.
everything was prepared, and then the project stalled...
it was put aside for a while, but then two weeks later it got picked up again on a saturday. a sunny afternoon and joel had time to work with amos. it was fun, a bit loud while the sawing went on. the grill is now done, but the skewers still need to be made, though it will happen and spring is bringing warmer weather alongside, so i'm sure i will be served some wonderful grilled dinner some day soon!

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